Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Partly cloudy with a chance of rain...or wasting time at otherlands that should be spent studying

Today I decided to go to Otherlands, one of my favorite local coffee shop haunts.

I like Otherlands for many reasons, but where else are you going to be able to drink out of a Jim Lehrer mug? Is this show still on? I remember the Mcneil/Lehrer News Report being on when I was 8.

These are the boots that Jeremy helped me pick out yesterday at Target. Yesterday was my birthday so we went to a movie, but before that we went in search of pretties to buy. I am surprised at the number of people who have commented on these boots today. I put them on because it was raining this morning, and I don't like getting wet on cool days like this. So here they are. It is very dry out now but I have gotten used to them so they are still on my feet.

Another thing i like about Otherlands is that they support local art and local causes. They usually have a local art exhibition, but this afternoon I noticed that it was a collection of photographs of the Zippin Pippin. The ride made famous by Elvis Presley's love for it. We (I mean Memphis as a city) are in the process of trying to sell it to Green Bay. I hope they get it. If we refuse to enjoy having things like this in our fair city, it would be nice to know that someone else at least is. In the mean time if all we have left are these beautiful photographs that someone at least thought to take, and our memories, I guess that will be enough (it has to be, right?).

Here is a view of my lovely computer on which I am trying to decide which pictures are clear enough to use for my post.

I love this tile in the back hallway.

(do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a photograph of myself that i do not loathe?) I am looking particularly nonplussed in this picture because i am trying not to overhear the conversation between the two ladies behind me about the decor in their midtown antique shop. On top of this, I am trying not to appear like I am taking my own picture with my camera phone in public, which is exactly what I am doing and had to continue doing to figure out that this one turned out the best anyway. Note to self: Visit Toad Hall Antiques.

This is the view from my favorite table in the restaurant. It is so big and nice, but I felt guilty sitting at it by myself today so I moved. There are 1,2,3...6 chairs at that table. Now there is a 5 top sitting there, so balance has been brought back to the force.

Another pic of me. I like this angle because I look less jowly. I am still trying to lose weight, but oh well. See my other blog if you are interested in that story. I will be posting there soon. Its not lying if I show you and tell you, right?

Here is a view of the restaurant. Ah...Yeah...I dont know any of these people.

When did they get this sign? WHEN DID THEY GET THIS SIGN? It is sad the things i see on a regular basis and yet do not notice.

I hope you enjoyed my visit. Maybe come with me next time. Or go visit your Otherlands, in your city.