Sunday, August 23, 2009

I come bringing Goodwill

I shop at Goodwill. Today's blouse I am wearing comes from goodwill. I have gotten many complements on this blouse since I have purchased it and worn it to work and I am sure that I would recieve many more if I could lose another 10 lbs or so that would make it completely comfortable around my midsection. but no one seems to notice or care, they just complement away. I am wearing it today. It is a wrap style top with a floral/paisley design in white over a black background. The neck has a band of delicate polka dots that matches the band at the waist that wraps like a sarong. (At times like this I wish I had a digital camera and someone patient to take my picture repeatedly as I am sure that I would be disappointed with the vast majority of the shots of myself that would be taken.) Actually, my boyfriend really came to the rescue! He allowed me to take pictures on his phone and email them to myself so yay! (They are a little blurry in spots, but now I have a visual!
Here is the top:

I have paired my goodwill top with a black knit skirt that has a floral pattern with velvet leaves and beads on the front. Suprisingly I found this at the place begining with W, who like Volde...ahem...I mean, is a name we shall not mention. But Walmart (oops, I said the name) even Walmart like a squirrel, a dutiful squirrel, can sometimes find a nut.

I wear my loafers every where. In the work that I do, which sometimes unexpectedly requires alot of standing I tend to wear them instead of my more fashionable uncomfortable heels. I am wearing them today. They are black and from target. The only color that I have on besides black and white, is my burgandy/red purse with a silver chain handle, that I take everywhere also from target. I have not reached the point the year where I start to wear tights (usually black or black in a pattern of some type with an outfit like this) so I have none on.

Here is another of the outfit, and me with a very silly look on my face:

Here is the purse:

And a closeup of my makeup today:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bottega Veneta is made of awesome sauce.

So it has been a while since I have blogged on anything fashion related, and I have never blogged on the like in this medium. But i was bored and unfortunately wasting time when I have plenty of important things to do. When I do not have a fashion magazine handy which I love, I like to spend time on looking at all the runway shows of my favorite designers and I even like to give the ones that I am not familiar with a chance as well. It has been a while since I have done this as I have contented myself with reading blogs here and reading my fashion magazines. but today at random I chose to look as Bottega Veneta for their fall 2009 RTW (ready-to-wear) show.

I was amazed and happy. here are a few of the lovely frocks that I saw.

I love the way the models have the 1930's and 1940's hairstyles and the gowns and dresses themselves have a vintage feel in a very modern context. I love it! I cant wait to look at more shows to see what I find. I wonder if I can find real vintage like this or even styles of this nature in stores that I could actually afford.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Breathing problems

ok so, last night i was having more breathing problems, to the point that my boyfriend and I went to the ER. He sat with me, we had waited for about 2 hours when (if you have ever gone to the emergency room you will know what I mean) I began to feel that the problems i had were not as bad (even thought they were still bad) and that I wanted to go home more than I wanted to wait there. So we left, and I hope that they do not try to hunt me down in order to charge me some kind of dubious charge that I do not owe, as I only saw the triage nurse in order to get a plastic bracelet fashion accessory and had no idea how long I would be there. My boyfriend was increasingly tired and so was I and we just decided to abort the mission and go home. The heaviness in my chest and pains in my leg and tightness in my upper abdomen did not subside until I was blissfully unconscious on the couch at my moms house.

All of this I believe can be owing to the time of year and the allergies that i have and probably stress on top of that of not knowing where I am going to live, being excessively busy at work, and having alot riding on this semester at school, namely my my MA degree and the last 6 years of my life in which I have to graduate this semester in order not to lose my credits from '03.

SO needless to say, there is alot going on....