Friday, May 27, 2011


I can't believe that so much time has past. Over 6 months have flown by since my last post, and so much has happened! I have finished my graduate school work (at last) and with that, my first book! I am also to get one of my essays published in a magazine soon. I will let you know more when it comes out officially. With all this change for me, being free of grad school and what-not, the immortal words of Guns 'n Roses seem to come to mind, indeed: "where do we go now?"

This question of what my plans are, has been asked a lot of me lately, as I guess you can only bask in the glow of your accomplishments so long before someone brings it up. I wish that I had an answer that will wow everyone immediately, instead of stuttering and saying, ""

But I do have a few plans--

First, I am grateful to the gods of inspiration (little "g") and also God (big G) to say that I have a couple of book ideas simmering in my cranium at the moment as soon as I can get some serious "butt in the chair" time as one of my writing professors was so fond of saying.

And I may try to teach a class or two. Perhaps this fall. To subsidize my current job and start paying back the government for my wonderful education (whoo-ah!). I just have to make my vita up-to-date and snappy looking. (By the way, if anyone has a vita or CV that they are particularly proud of, that I could look at as a sample, let me know.

Also, I plan to draw again. Maybe classes, maybe just in my free time, but I plan to draw. I am sewing too. I have started making an outfit without at pattern and I think that for my first stab at fashion design is kind of cool. I don't know that I will wear it anywhere, but we will see.

I am also planning to do a Bible study this summer with my friend that I am very excited about on the book of 1 John. :)

I also plan to spend as much time with my wonderful man as possible now that I am done with school, when our work schedules calm down a bit, if they ever will. But I am happy to say that we have been together for almost 4 years now, and we will be celebrating his birthday tonight! i know that this post has been about bringing things up to speed, but hopefully very soon I will begin to post more and again regale you with entertaining tales of "What the hell is up with Jenny."