Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Holiday in Film and Music Pt. 1

In an attempt to get in the Holiday spirit a couple of days ago, I bought a copy of a classic holiday film aptly titled: Holiday Inn. Over the years, I have striven to collect various holiday Christmas flicks to help with the holiday spirit. Christmas spirit is usually a little slow for me. It doesn't usually start until after the decorations go up at work. I have bought a tree for this year, which has not gone up yet.

I watched Holiday Inn last night, and while it was enjoyable as always, because it shows multiple holidays of all times of the year, it helped with Christmas spirit only marginally.

I think in watching holiday films, i am attempting to recapture a simpler time and one of happiness during the season instead of the confusion and angst of my adult and adolescent years, because of the holiday never quite living up to my expectation.

I know that a great deal of these problems would be solved for me to shift my focus on to the actual reason of Christmas,the birth of Christ. I plan to do this, this season. Additionally, however, there are the trappings of Christmas that have become traditions down through the centuries that I would like to improve at least in my own life. It has helped in recent years to put up a tree with Jeremy (as we hope to do tonight), and to send off Christmas cards. I also want to enjoy simple things like looking at Christmas lights at houses at night and listening to Christmas music. I have favorite Christmas album staples that I listen to every year. And it would not be Christmas without them:

I plan to continue my musings and pursuits in an attempt to offset my usual and current holiday malaise. I will keep you posted on how I progress.