Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wasting time at work

Ok. so we will see how this works out. as per an impulse to be as cool as my friend lacey, that never quite occurs but I keep trying anyway, I have decided to begin a blog on "blogger." I feel as though I should be saying that with a deep british accent and with lots of feeling. Imagine me saying it that way now: "blogger." Oh well. I would really like to go home, but as it is I am working late tonight and I have about thirty minutes left to be in the "booth" or my office where I sell admissions. And very soon about four o'clock, I will move my carcass inside and host a "party" or just make sure that the building doesnt explode while the guests are here and then lock it up when they are done. Maybe put out small fires if there are any.

This is kind of fun (the blog I mean, not the party). I hope that someone enjoys it and it is not just for my own amusement. but I guess even if it were it would be worth it. So here I am. We will see how it goes. I will keep you posted in the life of jenny, her life, her love, her triumphs and her disappointments essentially as she is wont to say: "What the hell is up with Jenny."

Join us for our every next post, as we examine, what is called a rejection letter, and what it means to the short story writer from the perspective of Jenny.

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