Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Don't Do It Hamlet...

Yesterday, I gave a presentation on Hamlet films. I think that it went pretty well. I gave the class a lovely list of Hamlet versions that I found from the interweb (credit give of course), and I made a powerpoint (exciting) I did work very hard on it and I believe that it went well. I also showed clips from my favorite versions and the most popular ones:

The more I watched the Kenneth Branagh version of to be or not to be, sadly the less I was impressed with it. I found it very hard to say this, because I usually love Branagh in everything:

well, now watching it again I cant decide. I still think he is great, but it may be as my professor said because he speaks the speech in blank verse instead of iambic pentameter. Maybe that is what throws me off.

Speaking of throws, I am in the throes of working on my Hamlet paper. I am trying to motivate myself. I loved the class and it reminded me of why I was in school in the first place, so it really has nothing to do with that why i hesitate. In fact, why some people are in graduate school sometimes had very little to do with why others are in grad school. However, I feel like hamlet I had a shock this semester that causes me to hesitate in my actions toward school. But instead of seeing the Ghost of my father, I saw my academic life flash before my eyes when I didnt pass my comprehensive exam. My first instinct was to be hostile and to just say screw the whole damn thing, however, the more time I had to let it settle, the more I feel that maybe I can try again. This is truly scarring in many ways and if some of you reading this want to judge me on my failure, then there is really nothing that I can do about that. (And screw you, too.)

I feel that the exam is so subjective anyway that if someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed that they could fail somebody if they wanted, but therein lies the rub. And on top of that, some of my credits are going to expire, hence the haste with which I took my comps. Now I have to take more classes. I just feel like i am going to continually be taking classes, which I pass i might add....for those of you reading this that will not let me pass my examination, and will never finish. I am running out of time and loans, I have to finish, or I just want to give up and say screw them all.


  1. I cringe when I think of what your student loans must be. I think I've just been paying the interest on mine for the last three years. I'll have these things hanging over me forever.

  2. I cringe too, doll. I cringe too.