Friday, September 18, 2009

Rain, Rain...dude.

So the heavens have parted and the flood gates have opened and my city is the object of a torrential downpour. This is especially disheartening, as tomorrow, my favorite day of the year may be threatened with rain. My favorite day is that of Cooper-Young festival. I have taken a day off specially as I love to go. There are booths of goods foods and music. Local artists, musicians and artisans get together to for their fares to be bought and enjoyed. Among many things I was planning to look at booths of vintage clothing, inexpensive sunglasses, books, handmade soaps, jewelry, and perhaps get a glass of "shaken" lemonade. I hope it happens. It is so much fun. It turned out. There rain held off and we had a lovely Cooper-young Festival after all. And I go a great new I (heart) cy t-shirt and bumper sticker with my favorite zip code in the world, the one to midtown.


  1. really? favorite zip code in the world?

  2. yesh. I have a bumper sticker. I am sure there are places that I would like to live more...But no other zip code can ever have that place in my heart ;) I cant even imagine one beginning with a 9 or 6 would be as cool. I guess now one that begins with a one (like PA) or a letter like in Europe would be cool though too.