Saturday, September 26, 2009

I read the news today, oh boy...

working working. There is an event and of course i am working. alot has happened since last we spoke, dear reader. I have a new hair cut, a new home, an idea of when I am taking the comprehensive exam, and a new low cholesterol diet, that I stick to most of the time. Except tonight while working this wedding. It seems like when I work a 12 hour day, give or take a couple of hours I just keep eating and eating to keep myself going. argh. I am going food shopping tomorrow. I am. I need some interesting choices. argh. so I have little left to say tonight as my mind is reduced to so much mush, with the move, and working late and etc. so I will leave you with some pictures that I took on my camera phone.

The picture above is of my new boots that I bought from target. They make me very happy. They go well with my new suit. Hopefully a picture of aformentioned suit will be forth-coming.

This is my new nailpolish. I am sorry for the inferiority of the picture quality but it is a kind of black purple color from OPI called 'Give me moor!'

This is my new leather arm band bracelet that i bought from the scottish festival called Clanjamfry, that my boyfriend and I went to yesterday. Sorry that the details are hard to see. There is a nice scrolling pattern in little ovals. It is all leather, and oddly it smells of formaldehyde or something equally strong. I will be glad when it airs out. My boyfriend has a similar one that is black with a celtic knot.