Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vacation: day three.

You know, I really wish I was a an active useful sort of person right now. but all I can do right now is sit on the couch and wait for the time to take jeremy (my boyfriend) to work and watch movies. I was woken up earlier than I would have wished this morning by a phone call by my boyfriend's mom. And by the time it was over I was so talkative and awake that i could not get back to sleep. And it is stuffy in my house. I hate my allergies. I cant breathe half the time or feel like i cant. I mean some one can walk through the stairwell with a lit cigarette and I feel like I am going to die. why is this? Why too is it that when you find the cool, artsy part of town like midtown where I live, that every one is a chain smoker in your building. Why do arts and smokes go together anyway? I mean really, is that what all the cool kids are doing still?

what about us not so cool kids that cant breathe good around smoke? or are sent into asthma attacks or feel like are lungs are going to close in when we are around it? I may have to move from this building when my lease is up in september. I mean it is so depressing anyway, the love of my life is trying to quit smoking too. He is doing his best, but it is slow going. I know it is hard, but why start smoking to begin with. we cant live in the same house until he does. and that is very hard. maybe I will take a walk in the June heat. it has been about 90 or higher every day so it is not helping. I will try not to complain any more and come up with a more interesting blog to write...I have to go...there is is that smell again. Somewhere between burning and ash and toxins with a twist to it that just makes me crazy....arggggghhhh. I hate people.

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