Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who goes to a coffee shop before 10 am?

Ok. So today this would include me. but I dont think that I have been to a coffee shop this early in quite a long time. This not usual. The only place I would be this early is work. And I would be at work this morning, but for a funeral that I need to go to. One of my professors from undergrad passed away. So therefore I have taken off a half day to go to his funeral. He was such a sweet man. And although I dont enjoy Biolgy and Physical Science as a rule, he made it tolerable for us "non-majors" as he was wont to call us. I was about that non-major as you could get. I was in the arts and humanities. English to be exact. I am still in English. Just not working that hard at it. I keep telling myself that this year I will actually finish my thesis. I have been in Grad School so long that I was talking to my boyfriend's roomate, and he suggested that I give my boyfriend and he my papers and outlines to them and they would write me a couple. but we both agreed that as I am in the throes of writing my thesis, that this would be niether advisable nor ethical. Indeed, it would be unethical anyway but it it was highly amusing. I can just see them now, up very late at night composing some twenty page paper on a 19th century british writer, searching for my voice..."does this sound like her? yeah, I think that sounds like something she would pontificate about."

well that is enough about that. I can just see someone now trying to hunt me down to expose my hypothetical plot to violate the sanctity of an English degree. no America, rest easy at night. every mediocre paper that you see with my name printed on it, was indeed written, sweated over, agonized about, and composed by me.

but back to being at a coffee shop before ten am. I needed somewhere to be to meet my friend to go to Dr. Hough's funeral, as she worked with him in the science departmant and we were both eager to go celebrate this man's life. It is very sad losing him. I remember being in his 8 o'clock class. A very happy chipper man who liked to ask "does anybody have a happy today?" of course we wanted to have a happy for Dr. Hough even if we didnt really feel like it much.

I was forced out of my apartment early this morning early as the plumbers called and asked if they could get into my apartment this morning to fix a leak in the laundry basement that has been needing to be fixed for some little while. so I am at otherlands, with some coffe and banana bread already gone waiting for my friend. I instant messaged with a friend who went to school with me would said that it is about perspective. He said "see i think it's cool bc he gets to get all the answers to his chlorophyll questions!" I think that he is right. I should not be sad for him, because he is in good shape. That sweet man who exuded the love of God is up there already probing the scientific mysteries that he always wanted to ask with my dad both being well loved and cared for by their Lord.

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