Friday, July 17, 2009

Who moved my chi?

working again. The vacation that I took week before last was lovely, but a little short lived. And with the new problem created of needing to find a new place to live, it kind of sucked toward the end. I haven't stayed at my moms again, I think between the note that my boyfriend and I composed and sheer determination to not die from someone else's cigarette smokes I have decided to stick it out. I haven't decided whether or not to stay in my apartment or no though I would have to put in my notice at the end of July to be a dutiful little tenenant. I may start looking on craigslist (sp?) Lacey, help me! I forget what it is called. Or maybe just online or I will like in old school times to just ride around neighborhoods looking for "FOR RENT" signs. That is how I found my last couple of apartments anyways.

I would like to have a one bedroom this time. however I have gotten used to the studio apartment price and in these times of American economy hardship, I dont know if I can really afford much more. Sometimes though I wonder if it is just the economy or the nature of the work that I do that I dont have much extra money for things like that.

Oh well. If I can really finish my thesis, it would be helpful and maybe I would be able to teach an ellusive Lit. class. That would be awesome I guess. I think that I should try to do other things. I mean I am not going to get the kind of writing exposure I want or need by writing a blog, well maybe I would, it seems like people get awards on here and stuff like that, so I guess people read it. But I think that I should work on my screenplays and take animation classes and do all the things that I have always thought and dreamed that I should do, because they have been my hopes and dreams.

I seriously need a camera, so that I can make these posts more interesting. Oh well I must go, but until we meet again, stay the course, dont eat too much junk food, and dont take any wooden nickels.

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  1. Hey think of it this way. Studio apartment = less to clean. Of a related note, don't buy a house.