Saturday, October 3, 2009

Farewell old apartment or...give me my money, bitches...

Actually, they weren't bitches, as aptly said by Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle, my former landlords were: "someone we would be friends with." They couldn't help it that there was a smoker chic upstairs and a guy that made smelly beans across the hall. I have a great new roommate and there is nary a cigarette nor a smelly bean in site. So this blog is late. There is no interweb at my new place, but I am hoping to secure reasonably priced interweb for myself and my worthy roommate as soon as possible and it can be afforded. If anyone has suggestions for such, please feel free to give me suggestions.

My old apt....ah well. As I saw a few days ago, nothing brings out my cleaning ocd as much as moving. I think my landlords will be pleased. I always try to leave a place better than when I found it. Its kind of a good will thing that my parents taught me early on. You know making the world a better place and all that. It doesnt hurt that I am expecting a deposit back but for some reason it is never about the money as much as it is the thought that my landlord could show my apartment to the next prospective tenant immediately as I left it. So I went from the above photograph while I was packing to this:
The photographs are not the same corner of the room but you get the idea. I tend to do things like roll up rugs (if there had been any), washing out the fridge, and the bathtub and doing all the floors. i hope that I go them a little better that the "broom clean" that is outlined in my lease. It is a matter of pride with me I think its like a game. Like playing the game of "how clean can Jenny get her former apartment" before time runs out. And it was the 29th and i was cleaning. I think that i did a good job. I am just that OCD. Hopefully it will be worth some money, and i will win the grand prize. (Or just my deposit back would work).