Saturday, January 2, 2010


I like that word. I think that it is important to steal words occasionally and use them for ones own devices. This one was stolen from BBC pride and prejudice movie that I have been savouring again over the holidays.

My love and I tried to savour the BBC version of EMMA 1972(not the one with Gwyneth), and we found that to be unsupportable. We did however have lots of fun discussing the lead character's widening of the eyes and the various schools of acting included in the film or the lack thereof. we didnt know. I found the movie at spin street (our local movie-buying haunt) and my love promptly bought it for me. again, we didnt know. Jane Austen does not always mean milky goodness, which I would normally attest. But this isnt her fault. she couldnt help it that it was bastardized. In this case, though it somewhat pains me to admit it, I would say that CLUELESS was a more apt rendering of the book than this was.

Ah well. I hope you are all having a glorious new year. I promise this year to not be as much of a stranger, and to blog as much as I can. Real blogs. Not just ones where I try to be a style princess. Most of those I worry do not come off as well as I would like. Anywho, if you have suggestions for me or if you like my style blogs too speak up and let me know, then I will continue when I get the chance, and not feel so much like a sad-bastard old woman trying to be a teenie bopper when I post them because they do not tend to come off as lovely as the ones I read and follow. Until next time. :)
P.S. While I was searching for my image on the interweb, happily I found a 2009 BBC version, which from the looks of it, will be much better. I think I will look for that one next time I go shopping.

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