Saturday, October 17, 2009

A beautiful day

you know it is really hard to think of things to say sometimes, in between the pictures of my outfits. Hmmm...

I feel like I should be saying something insightful provocative and interesting, but i really dont think anything is coming to mind.

I am really not a fan of most of these pics, especially this full length one. As I feel very unflattered in it.

but I wanted everyone to see the whole thing, as it was a different kind of outfit for me.

and I was brazen enough to wear it to work.

here I am trying to smile for Lacey, because she says I dont smile enough and I just end up looking like a ghoul. oh well.

mossimo black suede shoes, blue old navy tights, vintage Bass skirt, merona jacket, yellow merona top, cato necklace.

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