Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Casual Wear or why am i even posting this

Old Navy skirt, target bag, socks, trench, shoes, and tank. Makeup: Mac and clinique

So I found a new shirt that I really like, and so I wore it the other day. the outfit that i put together was kind of country but I put a kind of put a gothic spin on it by pairing it with my black combat boots.

target top, hot topic belt, gap jeans, target combat boots


  1. I actually like that "country" look on you, Jenny! It's very cute. You look fresh and ready to go.


  2. hahahha, thank you sarah! I am glad you read my blog! yay!

  3. I really like the first outfit. The bag and coat (sweater?) really make the look.

  4. Thank you lacey! its a trench coat. I love the bag too it made me happy