Thursday, October 8, 2009

A slight departure

Ok so you know how you can be so excited about something and then you can look back on it later and be like "eh..." Tis the case with these pics and outfits. But it isnt your fault that I have years of self loathing and dislike of my body to over come, but here I am. (And thats a big part of solving it isnt it?) Yesterday I decided to be creative, and for the most part I believe that I was successful. The only problem I have when I get too creative is I worry that it doesnt work in the way I think it should. however I did it and wore the outfit to work, and I will not worry about the rest.

I went on a shopping spree the day before yesterday and I was having so much fun, that I didnt realize that all the things that I bought that day would work together. It was a very exciting discovery. Again as always I would like to apologize for the poor quality of these pictures. Hopefully soon I will bone up on what type of digital camera is the best for the price and get it and you will not have to endure the blurry camera phone pics. And maybe I will look a little more professional, like all the lovely ladies whose blogs I devour just about as soon as they are posted.

I was excited by my sales, and the fact that I got ever so many complements on my red boots (who sadly were quite uncomfortable by the end of the day, but alas). But it is funny that I got those at Goodwill and every thing that I have gotten there I have gotten major complements on. so either people are lying when they say they like them, or you really dont have to spend alot on fashion.

The outfit: silver grey bag from target, red boots rampage (via Goodwill), thrifted skirt, grey tights from old navy, black tunic top from old navy, express necklace.


  1. Fashion is nonsense. What you want is style! and you most certainly do not need to spend a lot of cash, in fact, it can't even be bought!