Friday, October 30, 2009

my hair

I do not consider myself a vain person. In fact, i have never been. Quite the reverse is true. I have often thought that I have nothing to be vain about. However, i do try to look my best whenever humanly possible, and I care about fashion, and how my body looks in it. I am also acutely aware when I feel that my body does not measure up to the standard that I believe it should. I have been in this phase for quite a while now, in spite of the protestations of my love to the contrary and little encouragements here and there from my friends. (And of course there is now the added burden that I must needs lose weight for health issues as well.)

But it has come to my attention, that my lovely haircut is growing out, as it tends to do quite quickly, because I guess I am just that way, and due to financially circumstances, it seems most reasonable to wait to cut it again. However, I do wish to avoid those awkward "preteen-ish" months that your hair takes on when you are growing it out. Perhaps I could put it to a vote, and then make a decision based on feed back and what I damn well please. It is always helpful to get input though. All those in favor of getting a new cut as soon as financially possible say Aye! and all those in favor of the wait and see technique, say Nay!

PS here is my outfit for today, or pieces of it that I hope you can put together as I have no full length shot or photographer for that purpose.

H&M top, Jeep Collins neckwire (Noah's ark), skirt: Isaac Mizrahi for target, merona shoes.


  1. Whenever you can't afford a trim, or want to grow it back out, the only cure for the in between phase is experimenting with product and accessories. Try some sparkly bobbie pins, a new part perhaps, and a little "goo" of your choice.

  2. :) good idea. I tried some barrettes this week and I liked it. also, today someone who had not seen me since the cut gave me profuse complements today, so maybe it still looks pretty good.

  3. my haircut is also growing out, and a trim in Philly costs anywhere from $30 - $50. needless to say, i only get it cut about once a year. so i feel your pain.

    btw ... did Memphis get an H&M??? i love that store!

  4. No this was via thrift. I wish we had an H&M. Lacey has one i think. Thanks for your empathy. :)

  5. i also can only afford an annual haircut... which explains why my hair is ridiculously long right now, and why i'm a big fan of ponytails an braids. that said, i agree with the barrette and bobby pin idea, to help you hold out a bit longer.

  6. Thanks doll! I have been trying to alternate wearing barrettes with not wearing them to give me variety. maybe some day soon I will curl to see what that looks like. Or attempt an updo or pigtails. as soon as this damn test is through.