Saturday, October 10, 2009

going to S.O.B. (what? south of beale....what did you think I meant?)

My roommate asked me to join she and some friends at a new-ish restaurant downtown infamously called S.O.B. (which stands for south of Beale, Beale being a famous street in my hometown). so I had been on my way to garden ridge to buy storage boxes (very exciting obviously) it was a stretch but I thought that a little beverage and dessert would be alot more fun. The only problem, I was dressed a little sloppy.I had my guiness shirt on (which I was excited to wear just having purchased it from the Scottish festival (i know I know it is a Scottish festival, but I am Irish.) and I had a silly summer skirt and flip flops. This would not do. so I had to improvise quickly. I wanted to get there in about 20 minutes.

my friends were not planing to be dressy so I didnt want to seem over done so I grabbed a vintage circle neck scarf to go over my very dark green guiness shirt, and then changed into my brown skirt with some neutral knee socks, tan shoes, and my trusty red jacket that I see as a neutral color and wear it with just about anything.


  1. your room is cute. I guess I'm not paying attention to the right thing lol

  2. Im glad you like it! :) its very cozy. My roomie has a great house!