Saturday, October 10, 2009

please dont wear red tonight

well this is another work outfit, unfortunately I couldn't get a good pic of the skirt, but here is the shirt and my socks and shoes. I have had this shirt for a while. It is a kind of a wrap shirt. It was a gift from a coworker a couple of years ago.

I like these shoes as well and the jacket. It is a structured affair that is button down and knee length. Below is the detail on the skirt some day soon I will be able to give you all worthy peeps a gander of my full length of an outfit that is not blur nor makes me appear to have an incredibly tiny head which, as any of you who have been hat shopping with me would know, I do not have.


  1. I know life is full of shit, but still, you could smile SOMETIMES, right?

  2. hahahahah sure babe, I will try. I just feel so fake when I smile for the camera unless my baby is behind the camera, then I have a reason to smile :)